Brian Kennedy

A 2012 Give! RAP story (

Brian Kennedy has struggled all his life with depression in one form or another.  Looking back now, he can see that it was the reason he held 35 jobs in 30 years and one of the main reasons for his divorce.  He spent many years living in his car, and although that made going to work every day difficult he never considered himself to be homeless until he had to sell the car.  Brian had been homeless many months in Colorado Springs and had exhausted his stay at the homeless shelter.   He received a preliminary acceptance for one supportive housing program which was withdrawn after the program learned that his ex-wife had left an apartment owing the landlord.  He was hospitalized for mental health care once in November and once in December as things seemed to fall apart.

Brian was introduced to Housing First Pikes Peak through the Resource Advocate Program.  While things moved slowly, he was finally approved to enter the Housing First Program.  He moved in to his apartment late January and is happy and making progress in recovery.  He is enjoying the privacy of his own home, the quiet, the warmth and dryness and the base from which to make progress in his life.  Brian is very self-sufficient.  When his Advocate said “Now we need to do ….” He confronted her and reminded her that he needed to stand on his own.

Brian is standing quite well on his own at this point in time.  Being housed has given him the freedom to bake treats for the staff at RAP and to pursue photography.  Some of his work is actually hanging in the RAP offices.  He is looking forward to selling some of the art he creates.


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I am a Christian, married, and one of the staff writers at "Springs Rescue Mission"
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